New Look Pete and a Bad Monday (podcast)


    It’s Monday and people are pissed

    Happy Monday everyone! Well not really a happy Monday for most people because everyone is pissed at Shania Twain for a comment that she made. She stated that she would have voted for Trump because she likes how honest and upfront he is. Twitter took to the internet and began to destroy her and her career. Serious question is why is it so bad to say what you think? But that’s for another day and another time.

    Is it OK to roast Shania Twain now for her beliefs? No one on either side isn’t happy with Shania Twain. Liberals aren’t happy because they don’t like that Shania Twain said she liked Trump and Republicans are mad that she apologized for her beliefs.

    DJ and Pete talk about how Republicans aren’t good at making memes. That seems like a bit of a stretch but what can you say.

    The boys have been getting into a lot of fights with people on Twitter. Not a fun time. Please respect the boys, because they will roast you right back. Fair warning.

    DJ and Pete mourn Avicii and Pete gets into a Twitter argument over what he said. If that isn’t the best way to mourn someone, to fight someone else’s beliefs online? The internet is a wonderful place full of great people. DJ didn’t really take it seriously at all. But thank God there was Pete their to tell him what’s not OK to say when someone dies.

    Pete wants to dye his hair blonde. The real question that this brings up; should Pete dye his hair blonde? Realistically the answer is no but it would be interesting to see.