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    NHL Agent on Possible Lockout: You Have to Prepare for the Worst

    Co-managing director and NHL agent Allan Walsh joined Jimmy Murphy on Bruins Beat


    The current NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement is slated to expire on September 15th, 2020. Fear around the league is widespread about there being another possible lockout.

    Allan Walsh, Co-managing director of Octagon-Hockey and agent for Jaroslav Halak and Jakub Zboril, joined Jimmy Murphy on the latest Bruins Beat to discuss the future end of the current CBA.

    “Do I think there will be a lockout?” said Walsh. “You go into any collective bargaining negotiation hoping for a good outcome but preparing for the worst and I think you have to prepare for the worst.”

    The three most recent NHL lockouts occurred in 1994, 2004 and 2012. Walsh explained what players have been asking for in their contracts if there is a lockout.

    “Players are seeking a structure in their standard player contracts with a significant signing bonus for the 2020-21 season payable on July 1st, which would then be paid even if there were a lockout instituted by the owners,” he said. “The other thing being asked for is a much lower salary vs. other seasons that would mitigate the impact of a lockout in the 2020-21 season.

    “That is certainly based on a belief that there could very well be a lockout at the end of the current CBA.”

    Walsh went on to talk about what the players will ask for during the negotiations of the new CBA.

    “I know the players feel very strongly about certain issues, particularly addressing escrow,” he said. “This year might end up being down to single digits but in the recent past, it’s been as high as 16.5% of the face values of their contracts. Certainly that is a key issue that has all the players very focused on the negotiation.”

    Another issue the players care about that was touched on was the revenue sharing throughout the league.

    “Perhaps even the revenue split [will be an issue],” said Walsh. “We went in the last CBA from 57% to the players of HRR per season down to 50%. You might see a push on the players side to get increased percentage there.”