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    NORML’s Maggie Kinsella On Cannabis In Massachusetts

    In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, Maggie Kinsella from the Massachusetts affiliate of NORML


    In Podcast 7 Episode 21 In the latest edition of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, Maggie Kinsella from the Massachusetts affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is in studio to talk about the next steps in the bay state’s adult use of cannabis laws. Maggie is the press secretary for that organization, and had insight on the players in the new cannabis industry. How did the Cannabis Commission do? What are still some of the obstacles in the commonwealth for the cannabis industry to over come?

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    Jimmy Young

    Jimmy Young is the host of In the Weeds as well as the founder of the Pro Cannabis Media, the voice of cannabis at procannabismedia.com. PCM produces and distributes cannabis-themed podcasts, videocasts, live streams, and branded content from a diverse array of talented journalists and storytellers, anchored by its industry news and trend reporting. PCM's original podcasts include In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, Weed Talk Now, and Weed Talk News! A native New Englander, Jimmy is a product of the Newton, MA public schools. In 1979 he graduated from Tufts University where he started his 40 year career as sports producer at WBZ TV4 at the age 20. Hired by the CBS affiliate in Portland Maine in 1981 as a sports anchor/reporter, Jimmy worked at WGME TV13 for 11 years hosting shows, reporting from major sports events, and doing play by play for area colleges and high schools. In 1992, he returned to his hometown of Newton, MA where he joined the original team of New England Cable News. He hosted "Jimmy Young's Sports World" at NECN from 1992-98. He also won a regional Emmy Award for the nation's first TV sports talk show for kids, Kid Company's Sportworld with Drew Bledsoe as special guest. He currently lives in Needham, MA.