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    We’re NOT Friends This Week! – Season 2, Episode 18


    (S2,E18) When friends become enemies, it’s because they play each other in fantasy football.  That’s what happens this week when Jasmine and Amy go head to head in their fantasy football league.  In NFL News, the trade that wasn’t ever going to happen, happened, and could potentially affect whether or not Amy beats Jasmine.  The head coach of Miami can’t seem to make up his mind on a quarterback, and the relationship between DeAndre Hopkins and his mother will make you want to root for him forever.  In Offsides, the Nationals head to the World Series without a particular golden boy, porn stars are pissing off Miami fans, and Chiefs fans want a ring for themselves and Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend.  An Alabama fan besmirches the good name of the Rolltide, and DeAngelo Williams is a stellar human being in our Hells Yeah of the week.