Obama WH Correspondent on Trump: “You Have to Give Credit Where Credit Is Due”

    Former CNN White House Correspondent during the Barack Obama Administration on the Presidency of Donald Trump


    Former CNN White House Correspondent during the Barack Obama Administration on the Presidency of Donald Trump


    The tenuous relationship between President Donald Trump and the mainstream media has been slowly worsening ever since Trump made the decision to run for president in 2015. In that time, President Trump has mocked reporters, disparaged news networks and even made vague suggestions to hinder the freedom of the press. After all of this, it would be easy to assume that the mainstream media and the President are not on the same side.

    But, as former White House correspondent during the Obama Administration Dan Lothian points out on the latest episode of “Behind the Media,” there may be instances where you have to give credit to Trump.  Whether the media likes it or not.

    “I think that we in general have been beaten up by this administration that it’s almost shellshock,” Lothian said. “Right, you’ve been hit so many times with a club that all of a sudden they’re hitting you with a pillow and you’re responding like you’ve been hit with a club. And so that’s the kind of reaction I think that’s happening from the press.”

    Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the recent coverage of President Trump’s ongoing attempts to make a deal with North Korea. As Lothian points out, it is actually President Trump’s unpredictability (the very thing that so many in the press dislike about him) that could help him in talks with another unpredictable leader in North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

    “I think that Trump being unpredictable, that’s the advantage that North Korea’s always had, we never knew what they were going to do,” Lothian said. “Now all of a sudden Trump comes, you don’t know what he’s going to do, and I think that’s a reason that you have to give credit where credit is due.”

    Lothian also points to other factors, particularly the fact that North Korea is now so far along in its nuclear program that they are now comfortable enough to start talks and the fact that South Korea has played a large role in bringing North Korea to the table.

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