Obama White House Correspondent: ‘I Think It’s Pence!’

    United States Vice President Mike Pence is working to subvert, and potentially replace Donald Trump as POTUS according to Obama White House Corr


    Obama White House Correspondent believes United States Vice President Mike Pence may be working to subvert, and potentially replace Donald Trump as POTUS.


    Former CNN White House Correspondent during the Barack Obama Administration relayed a riveting proclamation on the Behind the Media podcast this Friday on CLNS Media: Mike Pence was the author of the New York Times op-ed.

    Yes, the Vice President of the United States could very well be working behind the scenes with a cabal of government colleagues to thwart the Presidency of Donald Trump.

    An anonymous op-ed, titled ‘I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration’ outlines a detailed and coordinated effort to subvert President Trump from carrying out his agenda with it potentially laying the groundwork for a coup.  The author of the piece has still yet to be revealed.

    “I think it’s the Vice President,” declared Dan Lothian.

    Lothian, a decades-long veteran of the news media and former White House Correspondent himself, is one of the most knowledgeable and credible individuals on American civic affairs.

    “Even though his office has denied that he is the source of this piece — he has ambition that he wants to be President,” said Lothian.

    On Thursday, Pence pleaded his innocence.  However, former Trump staffers such as Omarosa Manigault Newman have correlated the rhetoric and delivery in the Times’ piece to much of their own personal communication with the Vice President.  Omarosa recently told The Hill that “this op-ed is very similar to the style and communication that comes out of his shop.”

    Since Trump and Pence assumed their respective offices in January of 2017, many people have begun to draw some eery similarities of Pence to former American VPs Lyndon Baines Johnson and George H.W. Bush in their seeming desires to revert to any means necessary to gain the Presidency.

    Lothian continued: “[Pence] has been very quiet as of late.  He doesn’t want any of [Trump’s] ugly splashing on him and maybe he undermines him with this bombshell — and he steps in.”

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