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    OktoBEERfest LIVE| NEW Sobriety Checkpoint Challenge| Halloween Candy ASMR| ft. Cory Varga


    It’s Oktoberfest!!

    Grab your Lederhosen, squeeze into that ol’ Dirndl and get ready to party like were snorting zinc off of each others schwänze!  (it’s a thing apparently idk–you’ll see.)

    This week we get to experience a trip to Oktoberfest!

    A magical place, that everyone has drunkenly talked about visiting  while standing in their garage at 3am, blacked out, smoking a cigarette and never follows through with. We did all the heavy lifting here–so you don’t have to!

    We play a NEW game to test our friend’s sobriety and give you a healthy dose of Halloween candy ASMR!