Oscar Nominations Are In (Podcast)


    Good smelling things, what could be better?

    J.D thinks that French Vanilla is the best smelling thing in the whole world, mostly because he’s allergic to Hazelnut. It’s truly a sad life.

    Elementary School Nurses

    Is there anyone who did a worse job than Elementary school nurse? The guys seem to think not. They aren’t really medical professionals, they either give you ice, tell you to lay down or ask your parents to pick you up and hand off the issue. That is until you can fake any kind of stomach issue and the nurse will send you home for the day. Talk about a score.

    Elton John Farewell Tour and other concert tickets

    It’s a sad day folks. Yes, Elton John is hanging up the extremely large sunglasses and glittery jackets. D.J. is desperate to get tickets to it and this leads to the guys discussing how hard it is to get concert tickets in this day and age. Unless you go on StubHub or SeatGeek. Is there anything worse than convenience fees?

    Oscar Nominations are in!

    It’s that time year again everyone. Where all the hottest (and not so hottest) celebrities meet and hope to win an Oscar! The guys feel that Mike Mussina and Phillip Rivers were snubbed and they aren’t going to take this one lying down. Or sitting down. Whichever they are doing at the moment.

    Any fans of Will Byers in “Stranger Things”?

    Well the guys are continuing to keep the movement going about having Will die in Stranger Things season 3. If you are a fan of this character, well you are in for a shock. Maybe the guys have a point about having him die. Only one way to find out.

    Important notice

    A very episode of Brunch talking about “Paddington 2” is planned for the future. Who else is excited for that? More Paddington talk!