Is Pizza Better Frozen? And Other Food Quizes (Podcast)


    Brunch Takes Buzzfeed Quizzes

    To be new and inevative, Brunch decides that they are going to start a new segment on their show which they call “Brunch Takes Buzzfeed quizzes”. In this segment, the guys from Brunch will, you guessed it, take Buzzfeed quizzes. This could go terribly right or terribly wrong, really no in between. These quizzes can guess your age from the answers that you choose, which seems like an interesting way to go about that. By the way, has Pete being using the word “crux” a lot and in the right way?

    Is there anything good about frozen pizza?

    DJ and Pete discuss a very important issue that has been plaguing America for years; is there any merit to frozen pizza? Now this is a serious issue that divides many Americans to this day, be careful which side you pick. DJ says that it takes the same amount of time to make hot pizza as it does cold pizza. Something seems off there. DJ came up with a new idea called the “Frosty Challenge”, which he oddly pronounces it as Froisstie, either in a French accent or as a baby. Listen to find out why.

    DJ’s infamous Chik-Fil-A scandal

    It’s time to talk about it. DJ had a very interesting scandal with Chik-Fil-A that must be heard to be believed. It involved a Chicken Sandwhich, Chicken fingers or Chicken Strips. Seriously, you’re going to want to hear this one. Once you hear it, you decide if it’s embarrsing or just something anyone would do. Pete had a bad experience with the Chik-Fil-A in Tampa. Looks like both of them a spiritual connection with Chik-Fil-A.

    Black Panther

    That movie was something else. It still has the guys thinking about it and how awesome it was, and they aren’t fans of superhero movies so that is a big deal.