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    POOP KNIFE (Wrestling Soup 12/30/18)

    The shitbox returns with another faithful episode that will not disappoint


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    Joey Numbas

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    Jon Draper

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    • Zombie Joe Numbas makes his guest appearance
    • What the boys are watching on Netflix right now
    • Books always better than movies?
    • Poop on your cell phone screen
    • Mish’s bathroom habits
    • The Poop Knife and yes it’s a real thing
    • Nia Jax taking issue with the women who were pushed in 2018
    • Bumble Bee opens up at the number one spot this week
    • The Rock and his “awesome” movies
    • Oh Nicolas Cage the good, the bad, and the ugly
    • New horror films are high definition televisions ruining it?
    • Punisher battling alt right conservatives
    • The Vape kid story
    • Gamestop fun
    • Women’s wrestling and Sienna going crazy