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    More Positives than Negatives in the Game Against the Houston Rockets (Podcast)

    The Boston Celtics are almost at the end of their regular season with only 18 games left.


    The Boston Celtics are almost at the end of their regular season with only 18 games left. The last game against the Houston Rockets the Celtics fell short loosing by 3. Marcus Morris had a very strong offensive game and probably his best game of the season against the Rockets. Greg Monroe has definitely made a name for himself. Monroe assisted the team with strong passes which found them quick, easy buckets. He was also beneficial by ensuring us in a good position when time was running low. Although he was generating offense in the post, the leading scorers weren’t 100% causing the Celtics to be defeated.
    The officiating was very inconsistent. Bad calls were made left and right causing the game to have a couple of stand stills. Many players got in foul trouble which caused decrease in minutes; such as Jaylen Brown along with Chris Paul from the opponent’s team. Key players being benched is not what these teams need to achieve victories. Celtics can give the Toronto Raptors a run for their money , but not with poor calls.
    Al Horford has been in a slight slump lately. He had a poor performance in the game against the Rockets. Should Horford have more minutes than Monroe? This game it is said to believe that Monroe would be a stronger match against P.J. Tucker. Horford wasn’t on top of his scoring game and struggled to benefit us in crucial minutes. In this matchup, it seems as if Monroe would be the best overall threat in this situation. Once Horford came out of the game it was a total different momentum. Many quality performances from the bench players were shown. Monroe created space and changed the overall energy of the game.
    Brad Stevens believes Gordon Hayward will not return this season and wants no more talk about these circumstances. There is a slim chance that he will return, but Brad feels his best road to recovery is to not step back in the game until next season. There is 6 weeks till regular season is over so Hayward has plenty of time to return if being so. Those few weeks will be used to strengthen his muscles, but returning could cause a lot of uncertainly. Celtics need to keep up their firm demeanor hopefully to catch a 3-0 win streak for this week securing their way to success in the playoffs.

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