Boston Celtics Post-GameNBA

    POST GAME: Celtics 105 @ Rockets 116 (Feb. 11)

    Rockets broke Boston with a 17-4 run and 42 free throws. What does this say about Boston and Houston as championship contenders?


    In a NBA as wide open as any within the past 10 years, the Rockets and Celtics stand outside the top-echelon of teams that have separated themselves through 50 games. The Lakers, Clippers and Bucks likely headline the NBA Finals in May, but Boston, Denver, Houston and others stand barely outside that door. As Milwaukee showed last year, even an elite regular season doesn’t translate to automatically winning.

    So at 4-4 against the Lakers, Clippers, Bucks and Rockets — with LAC ahead again on Thursday — we weighed who’s true Finals contenders, and who is a tier above as championship contenders. This season, it’s difficult to tell. Can we rule Toronto out among the elite, defending champs and winners of 15 straight?

    CLNS Media Post Game Live Episode #53

    Boston Celtics (37-15) vs. Houston Rockets (33-20)

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