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    Postgame: CELTICS vs. Sixers – East Semis Game 1

    Round 2 is on! Celtics and 76ers renew their rivalry kicking off the East semifinals. Nic Sisento and Calvin Chamberlain host tonight.


    PLAYOFFS POST GAME: Boston Celtics #2 (55-27) vs. Philadelphia 76ers #3 (52-30) 8 p.m., TD Garden, Boston, MA.

    GAME 1

    For the 20th time in NBA history the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers face off in the playoffs, renewing their rivalry in this Eastern Conference Semifinal series between two young up and coming teams. Some of the NBA’s most promising young talent will face off in this series, including true rookie standout Jayson Tatum and “redshirt” rookie Ben Simmons, along with Terry Rozier and Joel Embiid. Veterans like Al Horford, Marcus Smart, JJ Reddick and Irsan Ilyasova will provide veteran leadership for their respective teams.

    Nic Sisento and Calvin Chamberlain host, breaking down all of Game 1’s action starting at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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