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    A Proposal, Judging People’s Taste in Music, and Shows return (Podcast)


    It’s Monday

    It’s Monday and DJ and Pete are pissed. Why are they so upset? Well, a guy edited himself into a scene in the movie ‘Love, Actually’, to propose to his girlfriend. The guys don’t like it one day. Can you blame them? Not really, because that’s a pretty bad proposal.

    But, the bright side, he found a way to to propose in his PJs. Now that’s just impressive. But DJ and Pete aren’t fans of this guy and they can’t really be blamed. DJ and Pete both hope that the marriage burns to the ground.

    The guys discuss which scene they would edit themselves into if they had to do it. Online people are taking #hatersgonnasayitsfate to a whole new level on twitter.

    DJ and Pete have a rare moment on the podcast; They disagree. It comes from Pete sharing an anecdote about jukeboxes, and this upsets DJ in a deep level. This seems like it could be the end. Or not. Most likely not. But still, this is a big deal. DJ and Pete almost always agree. This is huge news people. Hopefully this will resolve itself.

    The show ‘Silicon Valley’ returns and the guys are excited. It had a strong return but the real issue; the guys want more. It was so good that they are dying for the next episode. Hopfefully it will come out soon for them and they can enjoy it. The show ‘Berry’ airs they talk about that too.

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