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    PTEROPHOBIA or WRESTLING SOUP CONFESSIONAL (Wrestling Soup 2/18/18)Joe Numbas, Mish, & Jon Draper answer voicemails about pro-wrestling & more.


    WS Confessionals

    Mish, Joey, and Jon Draper take your calls. Visit the Wrestling Soup website to leave yours today! Don’t forget to vote for the 2016 – 2017 Soupies (link)

    Are superhero movies far too long? Joey loves his Patriots (Nasty Leroy 9:23) Triple H and Stephanie McMahon sex life. Are they swingers? (Johnny Florida 15:52) Vince is not the genius he seems to be, he has stolen all his ideas from other federations and with no other feds left he has no ideas (Dr. Delicious 27:25) Begging for Don Tony’s forgiveness (Ted 32:04) Should the trolls get a clean slate aka be unblocked? Blocking you is not an imposition of your free speech TROLL BETTER, BE CREATIVE.

    I have discovered a new channel on YouTube called The Wrestling Collector. I don’t know where the questions are but thanks for the shameless plug.(Carl in SoCal 39:15.) CONGRATS to the boys at the THT Podcast for celebrating 200 episodes. The boys say you need to have a podcast for 500 YEARS and the boys call him out.

    Cro Magnon Bernie Sanders make his live debut. Our political party is now Cro Magnon socialist. Joey is not racist because he has a gay, black nephew (Regis 48:44) New name for the Sunday show should be “These Three Heterosexual Males” (AJ Styles 50:00) The boys create yet another character GayJay Styles. Why can the boys come up with so many characters but WWE can’t? What is next? Tamina Snuka wins the transgendered title? Is Daniel Bryan worth keeping on TV?(Stellio 52:28) Stephanie McMahon’s character simply doesn’t work. Does RAW have a worse show with better people or is smackdown just bad? Big thanks to Yuk Nassty and Bobby Anthem for the fantastic intro music. You can subscribe to Wrestling Soup via iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn Radio, Google Play, and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.