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    Rally Cat – Season 2, Episode 23


    (S2,E23) Jasmine and Amy start off NFL News with the Monday night football game that was the cats meow for Cowboys fans-literally.  The Patriots FINALLY lose a game, which leaves the 49ers as the lone undefeated team with a quarterback that is finally throwing the ball down the field and making passes at…reporters.  In fantasy football news, Jasmine continues her winning streak and Amy continues her losing streak.  In Offsides, the triangle of potential implosion on the Cleveland Browns is starting to come to fruition, and the upcoming Bama/LSU game has us excited about the matchup and Saban’s “game time decisions”. Bitch Please! is a head scratcher with the actions of a certain college football head coach’s wife – Mama Mullens.  And Hells Yeah! is arguably by far the best play by play audio you’ll hear, ever.