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    ‘Ready Player One’ And Video Games (podcast)


    Ready Player One

    DJ issues a sort of apology about the last episode where DJ insults Pete’s choice of Jukebox song, and people took to social media to complain to DJ and say he was too mean. So DJ kind of apologizes about it. Well it gets better because they played the song Pete suggested for a Jukebox in the movie. Interesting.

    Both Pete and DJ really enjoyed the movie ‘Ready Player One’. Jeff Isreal planned it and then everyone went to go see it without him. Sorry Jeff. It happens to the best of us. It’s probably DJ’s fault for that. But other than that, the guys had a great time.

    The guys discuss how the movie got mixed reviews but they really enjoyed it. They discuss how lively the theater felt and what a great experience the movie was. The guys started their night at Border Cafe and had an interesting evening. The guys discuss how nerds kind of ruined the after affect of the movie because they just complained about lame things. Nerds.

    DJ is worried about how America is bound to become like an episode of ‘Black Mirror’. And that terrifies him more than anything else. Is he right? Probably, so we should all be worried and stop using our phones. And computers. And other devices. Or we can just keep using all of them. Most likely we will keep using them.

    Pete remembers a vice he has and he tries to get DJ on board with him. Can you blame him? The guys find a cool new trick to force you and your friends to listen to the podcast every time now. Let’s see if this works or not.