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    The REAL Reasons Why Jason Kidd Got Fired

    Coach Nick and Matt Velazquez (Bucks beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) discuss why Jason Kidd was ultimately fired.


    Why did Jason Kidd get fired? Has a cloud been lifted over the team? What has their new coach to lead to better results? The only question left is: You in?

    Coach Nick is joined by Matt Velazquez (@Matt_Velazquez), the Bucks beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The two go into depth on the reasons why Jason Kidd was fired.

    It is pretty obviously the bottom line was that ownership did not think the team was playing to its potential. There were several factors that came into play but ultimately ownership thought it was time to move on. Matt was not surprised at the result, but he was at the timing of the change. It was possible for Kidd to finish out the season, but ownership had a plan, albeit a quick one.

    Giannis Antetokounmpo was upset, and ownership knew they close, but they could not let emotions get in the way. It is possible Kidd came into his position to early, and could have benefited from being an assistant first. He was often criticized for making some unconventional decisions on the floor.

    Since the move the team has improved, especially on the defensive end. It is apparent the team is taking less risks and trying to play smarter as well.

    Matt predicts the team could still finish in the top four in the East, as they have a talented roster. It should be noted Jabari Parker will be back soon which will be a huge boost.

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    Podcast Description:

    1:00 Information on the firing

    10:55 Inconsistencies major factor

    14:15 Has a cloud been lifted?

    21:00 Kidd could have benefited from more time learning how to coach

    23:30 Recent games and changes

    28:00 Defense improvements

    29:35 Predictions

    33:29 End

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