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    Report what Trump says is ok and everything will be fine?


    One host thinks it’s ok to just do whatever Trump says when it comes to reporting. Unfortunately that’s not how journalism works, but Dan and Jimmy take a shot at the thought.

    0:00 Intro

    1:45 I cannot believe this is happening in America

    4:00 Axios, a new information website

    7:30 Why not change F-O-X to T-R-U-M-P

    9:55 With Trump, it’s my way or the high way

    12:30 Getting you name in the newspaper, and the equivalent now

    16:30 Is it time for the media to call themselves out?

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    Dan Lothian

    Dan Lothian is the founder of Little Park Media and hosts Behind the Media and Mic Camera Action on the CLNS Media Network. Mr. Lothian spent five years at the network as a White House Correspondent for the George W. Bush and Barack Obama Administrations. Before joining CNN’s Washington bureau, Lothian served as CNN’s Boston bureau chief and correspondent.