Republicans on the Move as Josh Hawley Ties Claire McCaskill in Missouri

    Emerson Polling e-Poll has Claire McCaskill and Missouri AG tied at 45 for #MOSen


    Emerson Polling e-Poll has Claire McCaskill and Missouri AG tied at 45 for #MOSen


    One of the biggest thorns in Donald Trump and the Republicans’ side has been two-term Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

    Seeking her third-term, McCaskill has coasted into Washington easily defeating lesser opponents in 2006 and 2012.  The Republicans are vowing, that this time, they won’t let that happen again.

    Although recently, many GOP insiders have been in an uproar over the lack of enthusiasm and fundraising for likely-Republican challenger to the seat, Josh Hawley.

    However, an exclusive new poll from the most accurate polling agency in the nation, Emerson Polling — shows Hawley in a dead-heat with the incumbent McCaskill.

    “We have this race as a toss-up,” said Emerson Professor Spencer Kimball in an exclusive interview with CLNS Media.  “45-45 between the two candidates.”


    And in even better news for the Republicans, according to Kimball, Hawley’s chances should only likely go up as more Americans and Missouri residents get familiar with him.

    “What’s interesting in this is McCaskill has better name recognition,  and Hawley’s got a lot of room to make up.  He’s only in the high 20s in name-recognition,” said Kimball.

    In this early stage of 2018 mid-term projections, many still expect the Democrats to make major gains in both houses.

    Nonetheless, net-gains supersede gross gains and if the Democrats’ expect to take back the legislative branch to combat the Presidency of Donald Trump — it remains imperative for them to hold the seats they already have.

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