Who Retires First: Coach K or Tom Brady

    Former Globe Editor Joe Sullivan grills Jeff Goodman on tough questions


    Coach Krzyzewski and Tom Brady are legends of their respective sports. Coach K is arguably the greatest coach not in just basketball, but in sports history. Meanwhile Brady is the GOAT when it comes to quarterbacks. Both have escaped Father Time..for now. However, on this week’s Good ‘N Plenty former Boston Globe editor Joe Sullivan and Jeff Goodman pondered over an interesting question: Which one is more likely to call it first?

    I really don’t think this is really a tough question to answer. In my opinion it’s much more likely that the person playing a sport is going to retire first. No disrespect to Coach K. His position is a grueling one for sure. Being a head coach for one of the premiere basketball programs in the nation is a difficult job. You have to keep that program in contention every year. Furthermore you have to go around, touring the entire country, evaluating the top talent.

    “I think it’s going to be four years for K,” said Goodman. “Because his grandson is coming in as a freshman as a walk-on. I think he’ll coach his grandson for four years and then he’s gone.”

    However, playing a contact sport is much more difficult on one’s body. Brady could take a wrong hit off the edge, get wrapped up on his blind side, could take a wrong cut, and theoretically his career would be over. Number 12 tore his ACL what feels like careers ago and it could happen again at any minute. The turf monster could rear its ugly head on any play. How many times a year does this happen in the NFL?

    This is an easy slam dunk for me. Does BetOnline.AG have a line for this?

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