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    Richie Rich Talks New Album, 2Pac, Fed Case & More

    One of the bright spots of being on quarantine is that Day 1 Radio gets to catch up with people who don’t always come to Atlanta. So for this week’s episode, we are checking in with West Coast and Oakland OG Richie Rich. On the heels of releasing his new album The Grow Room, Rich catches us up with everything he’s been up to over the last few years and talks about his new business ventures outside of music. Listen in and get gamed up.

    1:00 – Richie Rich had been working on his new album The Grow Room for awhile, but he decided to drop it this year around this time because it has a “sunny” sound. He also talks about working exclusively with producers The Mekanix for the entire project and the wild ride that took him from federal prison back to the studio while creating the album.

    10:00 – Snoop Dogg has named Richie Rich as a direct influence on his sound. Rich gets into his deep history with some of your favorite rappers. He also talks about how he only makes music with artists that he respects.
    14:15 – RR was a part of the Luniz classic “I Got 5 On It” remix, but he admits he didn’t always like how his verse turned out on the song. Here, he explains why and the crazy studio session that led to the verse. He also talks about the moment he saw Diddy (Puff Daddy at the time) make a whole club in New York City go crazy to the verse.
    19:15 – Rich released an album with legendary label Def Jam Records in the mid-90s. He talks about why he decided to sign with them, but never released a second album with them. He also reveals what he did with the $100K he walked away with at the end of his deal.
    25:30 – Here Rich talks about the ebb and flow of his career and how the streets always kept him from taking rap as seriously as he possibly should have.
    34:15 – Richie Rich was close friends with 2Pac and made multiple songs with him. Here. he describes his work ethic as being like a “dope fiend.” He shares stories about what it was like being in the studio with Pac for one of his all-night sessions.
    43:00 – Richie RIch has always been a hustler, and now he’s in the legal weed business. Here he talks about his new Purple Cake Batter strain. He’s also dabbling in the coffee and French Bulldog breeding businesses as well.
    50:00 – Richie Rich speaks on his brief online back-and-forth with E-40 and why it was important to both of them to squash it quickly.

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