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    Today Mish and Joey go ever the most recent WWE Superstar shakeup and other new surrounding wrestling. Don’t forget to check out our sponsor fourhims.com and help support Wrestling Soup. Wrestling Soup customer get a trial month for five dollars fourhims.com/wrestlingsoup for your trial. Visit wrestlingsoup.com and leave a voicemail. Make sure you follow us on twitter @wrestleingsoup @joenumbas @iamjondraper.

    We open the show with a little bit of television talk. Westworld, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. Big endorsement from Mish on Westworld. If you like science fiction and westerns Mish think you will like Westworld. The Rock speaks on his political career or the possibility thereof with a specific phrase he must text to get him started (5:10.) Some chat about Bully Hunter dot org (10:08.) Was Paige a good person to pick for The Rock to start up his own studio with? (11:46.) If not her who would you have chosen on the current roster and do you have one to pick who is not on the roster? The new rating for the Wrestling Soup and getting paid for commercials (15:17.) Wish really owes the boys something for the spot that the boys did for them last year what do you guys think? Botchamania’s Patreon may be getting shut down by WWE (20:41.) Wrestling Soup passes on a Scott Steiner interview (24:42.) Nikki Bella and John Cena call off their wedding (29:35.) Jerry “The King” Lawler’s stroke and his new beer (50:17.) Some fun with Stone Cold Steve Austin (52:01.) Bruno Sammartino’ passes away at the age of 82 (57:51.) Sammy Callahan and Kevin Sullivan have a spill (63:00.) Superstar Billy Graham loses his mind about Ronda Rousey in the ring (68:02.) Randy Orton’s controversy over his tattoos being in the newest iteration of WWE 2K18 (71:17.)The big WWE superstar Shakeup (81:10.) Jeff Hardy is massively over (85:30.) Rusev in the WWE can he beat The Undertaker and why is he not being pushed? (86:02) Back to more superstar shakeup (89:41.) Wrestlemania Greatest Royal Rumble Slam thing that is happening in Saudi Arabia Friday, April 27nd, 2018 (113:43.) We finish up the show with some rapid-fire news (121:52.)

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