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    [Roundtable] Giancarlo Stanton Traded To The New York Yankees Reaction


    WOW. What a morning. Alex and Nick react heavily to the breaking news that Giancarlo Stanton has been dealt to the New York Yankees. After about a month of speculation of where the slugger would land, the drama seems to have ended this morning with what seemed like an unlikely suitor, the Bronx Bombers, landing the hottest trade target on the market. Alex and Nick go in on what the Red Sox could have done to possibly prevent this and Alex conjured up a little theory that could have some bite to it. Collusion?

    There are now a TON of questions of what the Red Sox next move should be. We have some big time free agents on the market NEXT season… But does that mean give up on this years chances now?

    Want to know something. I thought I couldn’t hate Giancarlo Stanton. I now can’t stand that LOSER.