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    [ROUNDTABLE] Could something positive come out of Gronk’s outburst vs Buffalo? | Bill Belichick’s defensive philosophy

    Could something positive come out of Gronk's outburst? Bobby Krivitsky & Mike Dussault ponder that and more on the latest Patriots Roundtable.


    Could something good come of Rob Gronkowski’s outburst? Bobby Krivitsky and Mike Dussault ponder that, break down how the Patriots have held eight-straight opponents to 17 points or fewer, discuss Bill Belichick’s defensive philosophy, the balance in the backfield, and more, in the latest Patriots Roundtable.

    1:48 Should Rob Gronkowski be suspended?

    4:00 Could something positive come out of Gronk’s outburst?

    5:40 Should Gronkowski, Tom Brady, and Dion Lewis, still have been in the game at the time of Gronk’s outburst?

    7:40 Have the Patriots found the right balance in the backfield? Should they reduce Dion Lewis’ workload? Should James White have a bigger role than he’s had the last two weeks?

    9:50 Rex Burkhead is helping to replace Julian Edelman’s production. He’s a great route runner, who they often use in the slot; he’s become a key cog in the New England’s quick passing attack, and he helps make it easier for Tom Brady to identify coverages.

    10:35 the key to the Patriots’ high-efficiency rate on third downs

    11:20 there’s still plenty of room for improvement for New England’s offense. Fortunately, help is on the way.

    13:22 Delving into Bill Belichick’s defensive philosophy. Breaking down how the Patriots have been able to hold eight-straight opponents to 17 points or fewer.

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