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    Sam Vecenie: “This could backfire terribly on (the Cavs) when May rolls around & they play Boston…” (podcast)

    NBA expert, Sam Vecenie still likes the Celtics chances against the new-look Cavs in the Playoffs.

    In this episode, Sam is joined by friend of the program Dieter Kurtenbach to chat about what went down on NBA Trade Deadline day, an afternoon ruled by the Cleveland Cavaliers trading half of their roster.

    How much better did Cleveland get? Did they establish themselves as the favorite of the Eastern Conference? Can they compete with Golden State? Does this make any tangible difference in their long-term outlook? Also, what do their trades mean for the Lakers, Jazz, and Kings — the other teams involved in the moves?

    What did we think of the other teams involved in the deadline action and the other trades that went down? Also, what did we think about Boston, Memphis, Golden State, Toronto and Houston — among others — sitting out the action for the most part? All that, a quick rant on the Georgios Papagiannis pick, and more in this super-sized edition of the podcast.

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