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    Severe Injuries Around the NBA and the Trade Deadline Coming Fast

    Coach Nick and Dave Dufour talk about the latest NBA injuries and the upcoming trade deadline!


    What does Boogies achilles injury mean for his career and free agency? How does OKC handle the season-ending injury of Andre Robertson? What trades will get done by the trade deadline? The only question left is: You in?

    Coach Nick is joined by Dave Dufour in this edition of the BBall Breakdown.

    The show kicks off with the disappointing news of the Demarcus Cousins injury, as he will miss the remained of the season due to a torn achilles. The situation is a mixed bag because this could cost him money as he is prepares to hit free agency. If he wants to stay in New Orleans he would probably have to take less money.  On the bright side, this could give Boogie enough time to get in the best shape of his life and maybe lose a few pounds. One thing is for sure, this definitely hurts the Pelicans as they try and make a playoff push.

    Moving forward, the crew discusses what OKC needs to do to replace Andre Roberson, who is also out for the year.  They ranked extremely defensively with him on the floor and need to find a way to get by without him.

    In addition, Dave thinks the NBA trade deadline could include some big names after all.  There is a possibility of Isaiah Thomas or Kevin Love being move as Cleveland’s struggles are not going away.

    Finally the show is wrapped up with some Washington Wizards, the death of the Coach/GM position, and the Celtics vs. Warriors game!

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    Podcast Description:

    0:50 Boogie Injury

    8:15 Who should OKC replace Roberson with?

    15:10 Trade deadline talk

    21:00 The situation in Cleveland

    27:00 The death of the Coach/GM

    31:20 Washington Wizards

    39:15 Celtics vs Warriors game

    43:14 End

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