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    SHOCK POLL: Donald Trump Favorability Ratings Plummet as Economy Teeters on Brink

    A new poll from Emerson Polling shows Donald Trump favorability ratings sinking fast


    BREAKING: Dow Jones down another 500 points and America is ‘broke’ according to former Ronald Reagan Budget Director.  A new poll from Emerson Polling shows Donald Trump favorability ratings sinking fast.


    The nation is now seeing the after-effects of Donald Trump and his decision to lay trade tariffs on China.  Trump himself is now seeing a different variety of effects in the nature of the all-important matter of public opinion.

    A new poll from Emerson Polling has President Donald Trump and his favorability rating at a mere 39% amongst Americans.

    To add to it, 49% of Americans view Trump in an unfavorable light.

    In an exclusive interview with CLNS Media, Emerson College pollster Spencer Kimball referred to this rash discrepancy in Trump’s favorability rating as outright crippling to the country.

    Without a sufficient amount of the public’s backing needed to take measures to aid a flailing economy, many Americans stand on the verge of losing everything.

    “The President is so polarizing as an individual that that reflects [Americans’] opinion [of Trump] and now what he’s actually talking about,“ said Professor Spencer Kimball on the Emerson College Polling Weekly podcast.

    Yesterday, former Reagan Budget Director further sounded alarm bells on Grant’s Podcast when he stated that America was ‘broke’ and the looming fiscal crisis could potentially be catastrophic.

    With the Dow Jones set to drop another 500 points before the markets open, the economy of the United States is now in dire straits and many Americans are now taking steps to protect themselves from losing everything.

    Yesterday on Grant’s Podcast, Stockman and finance expert Jim Grant discussed possible measures Americans can take in these times of great peril.

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    PODCAST DESCRIPTION: NAFTA in the United State & Canada | NEW FAVORABILITY POLL on President Donald Trump

    Donald Trump favorability ratings will play a major role in any policy as it pertains to NAFTA.  What are they and also, what do Americans & Canadians think about NAFTA?

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