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    SHOCK POLL: Donald Trump On Verge of Losing ANOTHER Seat to Democrats

    Emerson Polling has more bad news for Donald Trump. New polls shows Democrats ahead in Arizona.


    Emerson Polling has more bad news for Donald Trump. New poll shows Democrats ahead in Arizona.


    A stunning new poll has been released by one of the most reputable polling agencies in the nation.  And it definitely won’t make President Donald Trump too happy: Emerson Polling has the all-important congressional seat in the 8th district of Arizona in a statistical dead heat.

    In an exclusive interview with CLNS Media, Emerson pollster Spencer Kimball relayed his latest findings.  In a district in which Trump won by 21 points in 2016, Democrat Hiral Tipirneni is locked with Republican Debbie Lesko at 46% to 45%.

    Many prior polls had been released over the last few weeks showing Lesko and the Republicans with a comfortable lead.  During his CLNS spot, Kimball conveyed why we’re seeing this charge from Tipirneni.

    “We’re seeing a split of the issues,” said Kimball.  “Yes immigration is a top issue — but just for about a third of the voters.”

    Immigration, and the border wall, which was the staple of the Trump campaign a few years ago, may not be resonating as strongly with Trump, Lesko, and Republican supporters amongst Arizona voters as they’d not only like, but need.

    “The problem is [for the Republicans], is education is just as important to voters.  And likewise health care — those voters are all breaking for Tipirneni.

    The Democrats have done a good job of creating the narrative of education and health care being their issues.  And that’s driving their vote,” Kimball said on the podcast.

    Emerson Polling is the nation’s most accurate poll.  If Tipirneni is able to continue this surge and score another upset victory for Congressional Democrats on the April 24th Special Election, the question is quite simply: Where does Trump go from here?