Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast

    Should Celtics Look Into Trading Jaylen Brown?


    Jeff explains why the Celtics should look into trading Jaylen Brown, his favorite options for Boston as the trade deadline approaches, and Bob makes an interesting Robert Williams suggestion. 

    Also, two big NCAA topics and much more

    0:57: Celtics should look into trading Jaylen Brown
    2:50: Who moves up in the Celtics’ depth chart if Jaylen Brown is on his way out?
    6:56: JJ Reddick is a viable option for Boston
    11:16: Goodman’s NBA player sources say Celtics should stand pat
    13:30: Anonymous NBA players react to a potential Brad Stevens firing
    18:20: Bob’s epic rant over All-Star Weekend
    21:15: If you’re LeBron, who are you taking at no. 1 in the All-Star Draft?
    26:25: Greg McDermott’s “plantation” remark & the backlash
    31:18: Jim Boeheim’s “5-foot-2” comment towards a reporter