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    SI Swimsuit Edition In The #MeToo Era – Behind the Media Podcast

    How does Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition continue to be produced and sold with such success?


    Sex Sells! We all know it. Some are more comfortable talking about it than others. After all, it is a private intimate physical activity that is part of the human experience no matter what side of the fence you are on. Every year, after the Super Bowl and before baseball’s spring training, there is a sports abyss. Every year since 1964, Sports Illustrated fills the sports hole with their Swimsuit edition. The original editor was Julie Campbell, who was asked by her editors to provide something to ease the withdrawal from football for the majority of its male subscribers. Now gaining the cover shot on the Swimsuit edition, is equivalent to winning an Oscar/Emmy in the modeling industry.

    Face facts. It is Sports Illustrated’s most popular edition ever year, doubling the magazine’s weekly readership from 23 million to over 50 million (including online). Now with videos, TV Specials, calendars, and supportive memorabilia SI  has generated over 1 billion dollars in revenue since it’s inception.  That turns a big profit during a time of the year when there is a lull in the sports fans appetite.  It makes sense or cents $$, but at what cost?

    Jimmy and Dan discuss this week on Behind the Media on CLNSmedia.com