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    SMASH SHOW or APOLOGY TOUR 2.0 (Wrestling Soup 5/27/18)

    Today the Mish, Joey, and Jon Draper talk about music, The Bellas, and take your calls


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    We start the show talking about music and Joey’s rant about country music. What was your favorite type of music in the 90’s? The letter that was received about the episode about titty milk and ass eating (21:25.) Addicts being addicts (37:12.)

    Do you think they are putting Brie in these situations to make good TV? Is Daniel Bryan captain save a hoe? Daniel Bryan using Brie to get his push on WWE television (41:14.)Brandi Rhodes bash the coo coo ladies of wrestling hour (44:14.) What are your opinions on Jack Buckley (Freddy Mane 52:19.) Wanted to thank everyone for the love(Ravishing Dick Rhode 59:06.) Props to Joey for recognizing the right wing social just warriors and Cobra Kai (Carl in SoCal 65:52.)

    Cody Rhodes vs Vince Russo (Pierce 88:33.) If Jinder and Roman go on last do people walk out of money in the bank(Dorian 103:41.)