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    Snubnose Stout w/Grip


    Day 1 Radio keeps our “day one” tradition going by sitting down with an artist that is sure to be on your radar very soon if he isn’t already. Atlanta-based artist Grip is winning new fans daily with his penchant for storytelling and attention to detail. In one of his first interviews since dropping his dope album Snubnose back in October, Grip shares some stories about his life and creativity. Enjoy.


    2:45 – Grip’s Background:Grip talks about growing up in Decatur and Stone Mountain (east of Atlanta). He describes his upbringing as tough and a little more serious than the “average kid” he grew up with. He talks about how the area has taken a change for the worst over the last 10 years or so since this is where gentrification pushes poorer people to. He also gets into his brief stint in college.

    7:50 – Grip the storyteller: Grip says he got into writing through storytelling and watching movies first, and then got into rapping and self-expression. He dropped his first project in high school and followed with a number of mixtapes online before he released his official debut “Porch” in 2017.
    13:00 – The making of “Porch”: Grip talks about his relationship with his producer Tu who produced 99% of the project. He talks about the concept of the album, telling stories from the porch with three different perspectives. He also gets into why is sticking to his own guns and not making typical “Atlanta-sounding rap.”
    16:00 – Concepts and covers: Grip has released two projects in three years but his face is on neither one. Here he reveals what has led to him using conceptual cover art instead of his own image. He also delves into the process of making his latest project “Snubnose” and explains why art is supposed to make you uncomfortable. Grip also talks about working with producers Beat Butcha and Daringer.
    22:45 – Visuals: Grip hasn’t dropped many visuals but the ones he has dropped are dope. Here he talks about the “Snubnose” short film directed by Mikayla Gamble. He also talks about the decision to put a gun on the cover of the album.
    27:00 – European tour with J.I.D.: Grip went on a European tour at the end of 2019. He talks about the experience and how great the Hip-Hop audience is over there.
    31:00 – Ebro comments and recording new music: NYC radio personality Ebro Darden called “Snubnose” the best album you never heard, but Grip doesn’t take it as pressure or an insult. He also reveals that he hasn’t written a full song since releasing “Snubnose” and that he doesn’t make songs just to make them and release them.
    40:00 – Hip Hop Trivia: We test Grip’s knowledge on some Eastside ATL Hip Hop Trivia.
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