Social Media builds a Wall between us

    Seems that we are building a wall between us all through social media, and we don’t mind it. Is there an easy way around it, or are we just going to be divided forever?
    0:00 Intro
    1:00 The word Media creates feelings of anger
    3:30 The comments we leave behind
    5:15 We seem to be a little trapped in our ways, or in our phones.
    7:15 70% of people admit to being on Social Media during the day, 82% say it’s a waste of time.
    9:30 What is “good” for wasting time?
    11:30 Should the Government monitor Social Media? Should we?
    13:45 We always try to either break or bend the rules.
    16:00 If there’s an on button, there’s also an off button to use

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