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    Stay Dangerous w/Security expert Mike Smith

    With everything going on in the world right now, self-defense and preservation is a top priority. So this week, we brought on security and protection expert Mike Smith. With more than 30 years experience in security and executive protection, Smith has a wealth of knowledge to share on how to maneuver. Listen, study and share.

    2:30 – Big Mike talks about how he got into doing security  and eventually started his own executive protection business. He then gives advice on how to get your family and children accustomed to handling firearms and becoming your own first line of defense.

    6:15 – Smith breaks down what happens when you act out of self-defense without the proper gun permits. He also speaks on the state of Georgia suspending open carry applications during COVID-19 and differences between open carry laws for handguns and rifles.
    10:00 – Big Mike shares his thoughts on what he considers a good age to introduce children to learning about guns. He advises to start off with education and responsibility and then gradually introduce them actually carrying toy guns and shooting real guns. He also speaks on why he feels Black people have a distant relationship with firearms.
    14:00 – PAY ATTENTION. Our guest talks about the rights that we have when defending ourselves as citizens against the police. The key is articulating yourself and knowing the law.
    18:00 – Big Mike shares other self-defense and preservation tactics we should be taking in addition to carrying a weapon. He talks about having good “situational awareness” and finding escape routes in public places as well. 
    22:04 – Here, we talk about what to consider when choosing a gun. He advises choosing based on your hand size and level of comfortability. He also stresses the importance of training and practicing. He then talks about how to find good and affordable training and trainers.
    29:45 – “Don’t prepare for a war your not going to fight.” Big Mike shares advice on how many guns a person or family should have in their home. He says at least two is good a starting place. He also advises choosing guns depending on where you live. 
    32:12 – Big Mike talks about the misinformation about having to register your weapon in different states.

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