Steve Alford OUT as UCLA Coach

    What went wrong for the Bruins this time?


    In not-so-shocking news this week Steve Alford is out as UCLA Men’s Basketball Coach. With that news Jeff Goodman calls up NBC Sports Rob Dauster to discuss what went wrong. Both agree with Alford was never really the right choice for the Bruins. He parlayed a couple of good seasons with the New Mexico Lobos into a job he was not ready for.

    So who is going to take the place of Alford? How about Fred Hoiberg? Hoiberg has a ton of college experience. He put together great teams at Iowa State. Both Jeff and Rob agree Hoiberg is a better fit personality-wise than Alford. Hoiberg is known for his laid-back style, free-flowing offense that could work well in California.

    Similarly, there is another high-profile head coach out there looking to get back into the game. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to pry Rick Pitino away from his stint in Greece. But how realistic is that? From a legal standpoint there is some red tape in the way of Pitino coming back to college basketball again. But he provides the Bruins a BIG name that could potentially attract the right kind of recruits. Regardless, both Jeff and Rob agree the Bruins need to take a monster step forward. College basketball is not the same when they are not involved in the top-25. And it might be hard to admit but the program has not recovered from Lonzo Ball and the rest of his class leaving.

    Finally, Jeff and Rob get into the potential of the young Kentucky Wildcats. Could they become legitimate title contenders? You can never judge John Calipari’s teams in November and December. Wait until the end of conference play.


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    10:01 Why Alford was terminated mid-season

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