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    Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald Joins Leddy

    Buckley has been with the Herald for some time now and is also a regular contributor to NBC Boston.

    (Bostn, MA, 01/11/16) Boston Herald sports writer Steve Buckley is seen at the Boston Herald on Monday, January 11, 2016. Staff photo by Christopher Evans

    Long time Boston Herald columnist and NBC Boston contributor Steve Buckley (@BuckinBoston) joined Leddy.

    Leddy’s and Buckley go way back as he was my father’s and uncle’s baseball coach in Cambridge in the 70s. While I never got those baseball talents, it was interesting to hear about the Cambridge of old. We also discussed the Oldtime Baseball Game and the Red Sox upcoming season. Plus, we broached the Yawkey Way name change dilemma. Buck is also the co-host of WEEI’s podcast: Two Outs

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