Stories From Kansas, Is Gronk Actually Retiring?

    Zion Williamson would be the best (blank) in the NFL


    It not a typical year for the Kansas Jayhawks. Even former Jayhawk, All-Pro cornerback Chris Harris Jr can agree with that. The ‘Hawks are in danger of losing the Big-12 Conference for the first time in forever.

    Texas Tech, Iowa State are both ranked in the top-25. Iowa State currently is in first place in the conference, even though they’re one game back in the loss column. The Cyclones boast one of the deepest teams in the country this year and shoot the rock almost better than everyone. Texas Tech has one of the best freshman in the game, Jarrett Culver, to go with two guys that can flat-out shoot it in Davide Moretti and Deshawn Corprew. Meanwhile Kansas State and Baylor only have two losses. Seems like this could be a steep hill for Jayhawks to climb.

    Of course Harris had some thoughts on Super Bowl LIII. Despite all the chatter around Rob Gronkowski’s retirement Harris believes the Patriots star tight end will come back next year. He estimates that Brady and Gronk are locked at the hip and will retire together. Gronkowski’s blocking prowess was on full display this year, especially in the Super Bowl. Maybe the Patriots and Josh McDaniels found a way to keep Gronk healthier throughout the year. Harris also speculates that either Josh Gordon or some other playmaker will suit up for the Super Bowl Champions next year to make the Pats offense a little more diverse.

    Finally, Harris dives into everyone’s favorite collegian, Zion Williamson, but with a football focus. Where would Zion line up on the field? Could he play multiple positions?

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