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    Is This Summer Bigger for Brown or Tatum?

    Which player has the most to gain from a productive offseason?


    Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are two of the brightest young players in the league. Brown is already making waves as a standout voice in players association. Meanwhile Jayson is already garnering Nike shoe deals.

    Both hopefully are big parts of Boston’s future. But after lackluster seasons last year, Tatum more so than Brown, which player is in need of a turnaround more?

    Tatum Ceiling vs Brown’s Payday

    Tom Westerholm joined Celtics Beat this week and argued that Tatum has the most to gain from a huge summer.

    Pretty easy stance to argue, in my opinion.

    The Celtics upcoming season looks a lot different if Jayson Tatum takes a big leap. A lot have said this, but Boston’s title/title-appearance hopes solely rely on his shoulders. If he becomes an all star and scores 20 points per game, then there is a realistic chance that the C’s can advance deep into the playoffs. He is their closest thing to a homegrown star, and those players are extremely rare and valuable under today’s CBA. Building your team around a young, cost-controlled star wing is like hitting the lottery.

    Look around the league. How many of those guys are truly out there? Out of the Donovan Mitchell’s, Devin Booker’s, Luka Doncic’s, etc. Tatum arguably has the highest ceiling non-Luka division. If he comes into the season ready, prepared, and in shape thanks to his Team USA experience then Boston is a legit threat in a shallow Eastern Conference.

    However, my argument for Brown stems around his upcoming free agency.

    Jaylen is watching some of his peers get PAID this offseason. I would wager that he is looking to cash in as well. The upcoming free agent class is lacking star talent. Brown could have a great season and make A LOT of money in the process.

    If he has a poor showing I’m not so sure there are too many teams out there willing to go deep into their wallets to acquire him, knowing that Boston could still match any offer. If Tatum has a poor year this year he still has one more to put a solid season together.

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