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    The Super Bowl: Ratings and Commercials

    The New England Patriots and the LA Rams went head to head in Super Bowl LIII and… well it happened. We could go on and on about the entire event, but today we’re talking about commercials in-between the action and the ratings of the overall event.
    0:00 Intro
    1:55 Jimmy is sick of Nielsen, is their system broken?
    5:00 98.2 Million viewers of this years Super Bowl. Seems small doesn’t it?
    8:50 Ratings are down, but cost for advertising is up.
    11:45 Is the Super Bowl commercial becoming its own show?
    15:30 The Washington Post Commercial.
    20:00 Is it for a boost in readership, or just a message of truth?
    23:50 A blank page for the Super Bowl

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