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    Superteam, or not a Superteam, that is the question|Holding Court with Dee4Three Episode 4|Andrew Begley


    Holding Court with Dee4Three Episode 4

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    Introducing my special guest Andrew Begley!


    Andrew and I discuss what we believe the definition of a superteam is in the NBA, including examples of the LeBron/Wade/Bosh Miami Heat, and examples of non super teams like the Duncan Spurs, 80s Lakers, 97 Rockets, the 14-15 and 15-16 Warriors, etc


    Rockets vs Lakers – The Rockets went with a proven losing formula, and removed big men from the equation. What happened to preparing for the contenders? How could Daryl Morey not see they glaring issues that all of us saw?


    Raptors vs Celtics – We talk poor officiating, and how it impacts outcomes. We also discuss what the Celtics and Raptors did well, what they didn’t do well, and what they need to do in order to win game 7


    We discuss how good Reggie Lewis would be in todays NBA, as we draw comparisons to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.


    Mailbag: Hoop Guru on Twitter asks if PG’s 6’5″ and under are overrated in history considering their success rate (Titles). He uses examples like John Stockton and Steve Nash. 


    Mailbag: Christian G on Twitter asks how do you prevent fall injuries (From jumping in traffic) at the high school level.


    Worst Twitter Takes of the week: Twitter user ESPN.tay_ talking about LeBron James, implies that we have never seen an athlete in the NBA accomplish as much as LeBron at age 3\5. Kendrick Perkins echoed the same thoughts and backtracked, Andrew and I bring up Michael Jordan and what he accomplished at age 35.


    Worst Twitter Takes of the week: Twitter user Lionx (Kobe Bean) states that Magic Johnson would be a taller worse shooting Steve Nash in todays NBA, or a more unathletic Ben Simmons. We discuss why comparing Ben Simmons and Nash to Magic is insulting.


    I close the show

    Note: Cover art image credit of the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics is located below


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