Surprising Reactions to the California Bill Proposal

    Wait...what did he say?


    College sports could be changing soon. Some would say sooner the better. Other would prefer for it never to happen. But allowing college athletes to benefit from their likeness is a yearly topic. However this year there is legitimate traction thanks to the California “Fair Pay to Play” Bill.

    Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski even spoke about it this week:

    “I don’t – and won’t – pretend to understand all the complexities of such a change,” he said in the statement Tuesday at the ACC’s 2019 Operation Basketball preseason event. “However, it is a sign of the times that we in college athletics must continually adapt, albeit in a sensible manner.”

    Don’t be surprised that Coach K spoke in a favorable way to the change. It behooves him, and most big-time programs, because it keeps them on the radar of top prospects. It’s not hard to connect the dots.

    This was the big topic for Jeff Goodman and NBC Sports’ Rob Dauster on Good ‘N Plenty this week. It’s a reaction to the reaction, if you will.

    Especially Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few’s comments to Jeff Goodman via Stadium recently.

    Coach Few made some headlines for his comments about this California legislation, proposing that certain lawmakers should “stay in their lane”.

    Goodman and Dauster also touch on the early favorites for National Player of the Year and what happened at Midnight Madness in Kansas this year.


    02:47 Coaches reacting to the new California law

    11:40 Analyzing Coach Few’s comments

    23:54 LOL WHAT happened at Kansas?

    32:38 Who should win National Player of the Year?