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    Tacko Fall Interview: Celtics, NCAA + Life Story


    Bob and Jeff talk to Tacko Fall about his first year in the NBA, life in Boston and his basketball journey.

    3:28: Tacko Fall’s first basketball experience

    9:20: The first Senegalese basketball player Tacko Fall ever met

    10:20: On what it feels like to always be the tallest person in the room

    14:24: On many Senegalese basketball players left behind after pursuing basketball

    18:49: The untapped potential overseas

    20:36: The commutes from Portland to Boston were fun

    22:58: Tacko Fall’s offensive capabilities

    24:50: Are you shocked by Celtics fans?

    30:04: Grant Williams must be driving Kemba Walker crazy

    33:50: Best singing voice in the Celtics locker room

    36:30: What do you want your legacy to be?


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