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    Tacko’s Contract, Big Man Depth Issues



    Tacko Fall isn’t going anywhere. Well, at least outside of the Boston Celtics’ eyes. The Celtics announced Sunday some tricky bookwork to retain the rights to Tacko.

    You could hear an entire fanbase roar with enthusiasm before the game even tipped off. Twitter went bananas for Tacko. Additionally, the TD Garden erupted when Fall emerged from the end of the bench during the fourth quarter of Boston’s beatdown of the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-72.

    However, Fall’s opportunity comes at a cost. Simply put, one of Max Strus or Javonte Green in a battle for spot number 15.

    It also comments on the Celtics big man situation, which frankly comes with a couple of questions. Head Coach Brad Stevens started Daniel Theis for the second time on Sunday. Granted, the early experiment has worked. The defensive rotations even look impressive. But how long can that last? Moreover, Theis is not a long-term solution. He’s a stopgap. Tacko gives you a little hope as a developmental prospect, but you have no idea what you might get at the end of the tunnel. It’s worth it.

    Just don’t get too excited about THIS year. You might not see Tacko that much.

    “I would be surprised if it was much more than 20 (games played in Boston),” says Yahoo! Sports Keith Smith. “Unless there is a huge rash of injuries among the big men there’s just not going to be a lot of reason to have [Fall] active.”

    “The whole goal is to get him to Maine and develop him there,” he added.

    Smith joined Adam Kaufman on this week’s Celtics Beat and discussed what fans can expect if they’re paying attention to his development.

    “A lot of his time [in Maine] is going to be spent working on how to defend in the NBA. And they’ll probably work with him on a handful of post moves.”

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