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    Mish opens up the show announcing the end of the Saturday Morning Shitbox edition of Wrestling Soup programming and hosting a rare solo show. He begins listening and responding to voicemails for this last installment of WSPTSMSBS.

    The final barrage of voicemails and questions immediately plunges Mish deep into the “mockery of the WWE” Paige, who is now permanently retired from active in-ring competition. More sordid photos and videos have been leaked for the last two weeks straight, leaving the chat room and Mish to discuss what may be next for the soiled WWE Anti-Diva. It seems like Saraya-Jade Bevis may never be able to recover from the scandals involving her publicized sexual perversions.

    The very first episode of WSPTSMSBS aired on 1/17/15.

    Mish also reads off strange letters written on social media by a fan of Chyna. The man claims he not only has conversations with the recently deceased woman while she was alive but that he is a psychic. He reveals that he speaks with Chyna from the afterlife and quizzes her ghost about the circumstances surrounding her controversial death.

    Mish follows up with more responses to additional voicemails that may include prolonged use of the vacuum, a very serious clip from the early days of the Wrestling Soup archives, Mish hashing over what may come from a potential network switch from USA to FOX for WWE Raw, and finally closing the chapter by reminiscing over past years of voicemails and frequent callers.

    After this final edition of the show went off-air an overwhelming response of praise and love for this variant of the show was expressed via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and everywhere else. Joe and Mish made the promise to discuss the plans going forward and made it a point to bring up Thursday Jan 18th about a new evolution of the Wrestling Soup.

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