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    All-Star Break Does Boston Celtics Load of Good (podcast)

    Nothing is better than returning from the All-Star break with back to back wins for the Boston Celtics.



    Nothing is better than returning from the All-Star Break with back-to-back wins for the Boston Celtics. The All-Star Break is not always everyone’s cut of tea, but some basketball fans really enjoy it, such as myself.

    Marcus Smart finally has returned with a strong recovery from his hand injury and is ready to play. Smart’s experience has been a little “Wacky.”

    As we all know, Smart plays some of the strongest defense in the league. He was not himself before returning from injury, causing Danny Ainge to consider a possible trade for Tyreke Evans, sending out Smart along with a first round pick. Before we knew it, though, Smart was back and ready to show what he has by scoring two unbelievable dunks against the Detroit Pistons and putting up 12 points.

    Will Gordon Hayward return for this season? Although it is hard to tell, Hayward is still at about 60 percent recovery-wise and needs to be at 100 percent to finally be at the stage to play. If Hayward does return his minutes will most likely be limited, as expected. The Celtics are two games behind Toronto, and Hayward could be a big help in winning back that No. 1 spot.

    Can Jaylen Brown step up to the plate? Brown, the 21-year-old sophomore, continues to grow. This player has a such a clean 3-pointer and such strong drives to the hoop, but tends to struggle with consistency at times. As said above, Smart was out with his injury and Brown realized it was his time to fill in the gap and develop strong playmaking skills. With Smart out, Brown has definably become more controlled and more stable. He continues to be a solid scorer and helping in those crucial minutes of the games.

    Jayson Tatum has developed a rookie slump. He has been very inconsistent and needs to provide his athletic nature to help the Celtics keep the wins coming. If Tatum wants to keep his starting position he needs to use his length to his advantage and become a threat every time he steps foot in a game. Consistency is key in this young rookie.

    Kyrie Irving is an unbelievable player in the NBA, but he cannot be the entire team and especially needs help in the fourth quarter. He needs help from the team as a whole to continue to be successful.

    Will Daniel Theis keep his starting position? That would possibly knock Marcus Morris from the starting line-up. Stay tuned to find out.

    I would also like to give my condolences to the Fegan family. Rest in peace, Dan. Forever in the NBA family’s heart.