Beyond Clean

    The Case for Single-Use Instruments – Kathy Mazza


    Since each healthcare facility is different, there is a time and place for reusable and single-use instrumentation that may differ from one hospital or clinic to another. On this week’s re-released throwback episode from Season 2, we talk with Kathy Mazza who discusses all things single-use instruments. She touches on everything from a hospital’s green initiative and how to best achieve that while utilizing single-use instrumentation to what characteristics differentiate a single-use from a reusable handheld instrument. Kathy also gives a conversion philosophy for how to know when/if a clinic or an ancillary department should transition instruments to single-use. Listen now to find out where single-use instruments might fit into your hospital.

    The quiz for this re-released Season 2 episode can be accessed at beyondclean.net/ce-credit-hub.

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