Game Theory

    The Clippers, the Lakers, and the Rest of the West Playoff Picture


    In this episode, I’m joined by Jovan Buha from The Athletic, and we chat about the NBA now that we’ve hit the proverbial “Second Half.” 

    We start on the Brooklyn Nets with news of Kyrie Irving being out for the year. How does this affect the rest of their season? But more importantly, how does this affect their future planning with Kevin Durant coming back soon? Will they make some tough decisions this summer?

    Then, we move on and break down the Western Conference. We focus for about 35 minutes on the Los Angeles teams, how they match up with one another, what their strengths are, and most importantly what their biggest weaknesses are heading into the playoffs? Also, what do we think of the recent additions of Markieff Morris and Reggie Jackson? 

    Then we chat about the rest of the West. Which of Utah, Denver or Houston are we worried about most (sorry Denver, who we didn’t talk enough about)? Which of Oklahoma City or Dallas is the team you want to play the least? Which team gets the No. 8 seed?

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