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    The Ratchet Episode – Season 2, Episode 44


    (S2,E44)   It’s the Superbowl addition with Amy on radio row in Miami and Jasmine holding the fort down back in Dallas.  Accompanying the play by play of the who’s who on radio row, our NFL News has us applauding Frankie the teen trying to get the Superbowl moved to Saturday.  Dan Snyder’s superbowl party is better than yours, the Chiefs are looking for the right time to extend Patrick Mahomes’ contract, and a little stint in jail might have been a turning point for Antonio Brown.  We preview some of the best Superbowl ads in Offsides and discuss the all important part of a Superbowl party – the food.  A daycare teacher lands our WTF story, a defecating woman gives us our Sometimes All You Need Is The Headline, and the Hells Yeah of the day goes to John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova.