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    Time for some Bytes for the water cooler


    Interested in listening for a cool story to share with your friends at the water cooler? Then listen to our Bytes Behind the Media for a quick pick of some short stories that happened.

    0:00 Intro

    0:45 What happened to MIC?

    4:50 A startup at the World Trade Center?

    5:45 The Corespondent is going up, and business is booming!

    6:40 Tis the Hallmark Channel season.

    8:50 Joe Buck gives credit where credit’s due

    12:50 What do Americans spend on media a year?

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    Dan Lothian

    Prior to launching his own venture, Little Park Media, Dan Lothian spent more than a decade as a correspondent at CNN, the last five years at the network as a White House Correspondent. He was named to this position in 2008. Before joining CNN’s Washington bureau Lothian served as CNN’s Boston bureau chief and correspondent. In addition to reporting, Lothian was responsible for coordinating all news coverage from the greater-Boston area.